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Today, the civilizing arms of education have stretched far and wide to reach millions of children, enabling them to turn their wildest of dreams into reality with its motivating power. And Kriti Prakashan, with its motto ‘shaping nations through education’ aims at presenting knowledge in an interesting way, so that the children not only absorb various facets of life and its varied areas but also retain it in a better way.


Kriti Digital View (Web and mobile app) is one such way. It is in sync with the present need of e-learning where kids have a liking for an interactive screen inbuilt in their genes, for almost all their favorite activities including studies. Kriti App gives them a thrill to learn General Knowledge in the attire of a game, so that learning can actually be fun.


Designed according to the likes of children with a well designed layout that catches their eye.



Interesting, gaming approach towards learning that makes academics even more enjoyable and learning a better process.



Easily accessible and operational features that can be used in a hassle-free manner.



Can be used both on the web as well as on the phone for an uninterrupted experience; both, online and offline.


Mission & Vision

  • Providing active partnership in shaping nations through education.
  • To pioneer and excel in all facets of publication of School books for Children.
  • To provide international quality books.

Clients Says

“Kriti Prakashan’s books give students knowledge while making it fun.”

Our Services

Kriti Prakashan has made its presence felt even overseas in Indian schools located in the Gulf countries in the Middle East.

Our Values

At Kriti Prakashan Pvt. Ltd, we design and prepare books for children with the aim to nurture healthy reading and writing habits in them,..